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SBS provides quality cleaning services for commercial properties in the suburbs & chicago area. We clean using the latest in "Nano-Science". These state-of-the-art cleaners & coatings truly offer the deepest clean possible. 

What is Nano-Science?!
Nano-science is the ability to create & control particles 100 million times smaller then the "tip" of a strand of hair!

These small particles allow the surface to be "completely" cleaned w/o using harsh chemicals. Conventional cleaners dissolve from the top down, while "nano" cleaners get under the issues & gently push it off the surface! 

Service that's unsurpassed
SBS has been providing services for over 16 years & always uses the most efficient, eco-friendly approach. Our new "nano" system enhances the cleaning power of microfiber. Giving your property a scientific advantage to cleaning & maintaining it's surfaces. 

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